General conditions

Terms & Conditions for website CasasEferias.Com

By making a reservation on our site and making the payments, you are accepting the conditions and terms described below.

Preliminary conditions

- Guests must be over 20 years old, on some properties a minimum of 25 years is required.

- It is not allowed in properties: stag/hen/bachelor/bull's parties or any other similar event

Reservation and payment

- Reservation must be made preferably by e-mail, or online, and its confirmation is made in the same way.

- To secure any reservation we require initial prepayment of 30% -50% (or more, depending on the conditions agreed with the owner or the entity who manages the property) of the total cost, within 1 days of our confirmation of the request for reservation, the balance must be paid before the day of arrival according to the details of your reservation.

- Some properties ask full advance payment if the reservation is made less than 45 days from arrival, on the period 15th June- 15th September.

- After receiving amount initially required, or in full, will the reservation be semi-confirmed or confirmed, as per case. 

Payments by credit/debit card all customer data are stored by the contracted entity to process the payments, all PCI security standards of international standards being respected.

Rental conditions (summary conditions)

- Some of the summarized conditions will have detailed explanation later, in this text -

- Only after receiving the initial amount, reservation is confirmed.

- Check-in time is from 16h, check-out time must be made until 10h. These times may vary depending on the availability of the property and after agreement with the owner.

- The client must reconfirm with our site/owner / local partner, 7 days before arriving, the estimated arrival hour. They must respect the stipulated time, in order to avoid unnecessary waits.

- On the arriving day, you must deliver security deposit in the stipulated amount and cash/credit card cation. If the security deposit is in the guarantee of credit card it is not necessary to deliver any value upon arrival.

The security deposit will be refunded until 1 week after the day of departure, after checking the household stuffing and no damages to report, or penalties payable.

The rental price includes bed sheets, bath towels (beach towels/pool not included), water, gas and electricity. Some of these items may be extra according to the time of year ( heating in winter period from November to April) and with the conditions imposed by the owner.

It is recommend reading carefully these rental conditions written on the respective property file’s description.

- The rental does not include: telephone, the supply of meals, beach/pool towels, or other services other than those indicated on this page.

- Any interruption in the supply of water, electricity and gas, to which the owner/management entity is totally unrelated, will not be subject to compensation.

- The price includes final cleaning/change of bed linen/towels according to the rate of change stipulated in the respective listing of the property.

- On the day of departure, the trash must be deposited in the respective container closest to the property, in a place to be designated.

- Any request for assistance during the rental period must be requested from the owner of the house/managing entity in local

- The rental is limited to the maximum number of people hired in the reservation, if there are more people to stay, you will be charged an extra price of your stay; alternatively, the owner/managing entity has authority to expel surplus persons.

If the situation persists, the owner/managing partner has the power to cancel rental and expel the guests, and there is no room for any kind of compensation.

It will also be due by the holder of the reservation to CasasEferias.Com a compensation for the stay of the people up to the moment, at the rate of € 20 per night per person

- Do not move any furniture from its initial location.

- Access to private and enclosed areas of the house is forbidden and must be respected by the clients.

- No flower should be collected or any part of the garden damaged. Camping is expressly prohibited in the garden or lawn areas.

- public order and the hours of silence should be respected from 10 pm to 8 am; any disturbance resulting from disrespect this condition will imply the immediate termination of rental and expulsion of the clients.

- All properties of our website are contracted directly to legal owners/representatives, or to companies that manage the property (local partners) and are legally authorized by their respective owners to rent.

- The properties are managed, prepared and maintained by the respective owners and/or their representatives for this purpose, as well as by other entities (local partners)  in which they act behalf such powers may have been delegated.

- Our company, through the current website or the extensive network of sites, manages and guarantees the entire booking process from the availability information request until the moment of entry into the property

 - From the moment of entering the property, our website will serve only as a mediator between owner/representative and client, making contacts of support and urgencies


Our rental business does not offer the service of visiting properties.

Property’s Housekeeping

- When announced or contracted as an extra service, housekeeping, cleaning services or their derivatives, during the stay, the respective schedules are not subject to a prior combination

- These services will run on weekdays between 09.00h and 19.00h

- According to the availability of these services, and exceptionally, guidelines or indications of preference regarding days or times will be accepted, analysed and matched to the extent possible

- If the client rejects, prevents or deny access to the property, whatever reason, the rendering of these services will result in the loss of the right to that service

Other Services adjacent to the lease

- Properties can be act of several types of technical interventions, either on a permanent basis or on an ad hoc basis, on which good maintenance of the infrastructure and equipment depends, in order to guarantee the habitability and comfort conditions for the tenants, Gardening, Swimming Pool Maintenance and Sanitation.

Occasionally, there may be a need for specific interventions for repairs, replacements or additions to existing equipment.

- If the customer rejects or prevents any of these services, or prevents access to the property, for whatever reason, it will result in the loss of the right to that service.

- Our rental service CasasEferias.Com reserves the right to intervene in any situation that it deems urgent, even without the agreement of the local owner/partner or the reservation holder.

Voucher/email with additional property information

- The reservation is confirmed upon payment of the amount required in the terms and conditions of the pre-reservation email

- When the final payment is received, a voucher and/or email with the complementary information of the property namely address and telephone contacts will be issued, and the entry instructions

- The Voucher and/or email are the only provided proof of reservation

- The number of people stated in the Voucher refers to the exact nr. that can be accommodated on the rented property

If a number of persons on the property are bigger  than the number identified in the Voucher and exceeds the advertised capacity of the respective property, it will result in the loss of the right to the contracted lease, without reimbursement, giving legitimacy to the local owner / local partner directly or through the CasasEferias.Com, proceed to charge the value in the deposit against breakages / security deposit delivered at Check-In

- If during the stay, there is a number of people higher than the one identified in the Voucher and higher than the announced capacity of the respective property, will result in an immediate cessation of the right to the temporary lease titled by the Voucher, forcing the immediate abandonment of the property of the number of surplus persons in relation to that capacity. The Voucher holder will also be responsible for our compensation for the stay of the extra people at the rate of € 20 per night per person.

Reservation Invalidity Already Confirmed

For several reasons and circumstances, confirmed reservations that we confirm may become unavailablee.

The most common reasons and circumstances are:

      A) A termination according to the owner/representative,

      B) Prior verification of disparity between the published information and reality,

      C) Prior verification of poor habitability conditions (occasional or permanent),

      D) Reserved property transaction.


In spite of not being frequent, situations occur to which we are usually unrelated, and will comply with caution and set procedures in advance:

When identified and announced to the holder of the Voucher, up to 90 days before the scheduled date of check-in, the same reservation holder may choose between the full return of the signage and the choice of another property available for the same dates or as it wishes, by applying the published values of the new property;

When identified and announced to the holder of the Voucher between 90 and 30 days before the date scheduled for check-in, the same reservation holder may choose between the full refund of payments made and the choice of other properties of equivalent or higher quality to be proposed by CasasEferias.Com, for the same dates or for others that the holder accepts.

Under these conditions the upgrade system will be applied, ie if the value of the stay in the new property is higher, the differential will be assumed by CasasEferias.Com

When identified and announced to the holder of the Voucher less than 30 days before the scheduled date of check-in, the following measures will apply:

             - Telephone or via e-mail, the website CasasEferias.Com, will transmit the situation and respective justification

             - Within 4 working days, you will try to gather at least 3 properties of equal or greater quality, sending photos and description of them.

             - The Voucher Holder must inform CasaseFerias.Com by e-mail of his decision in a timely manner and/or within the time limits set

             - In case of election of one of the properties, the upgrade regime will be applied, in the terms already described.

             - If it is impossible to find and propose to the holder of the Voucher at least one property in the above conditions, in an area similar to the one desired, this Cardholder may be reimbursed in the value of the payments made, ceasing the right to any reservation inherent to the Voucher issued without any other compensation or compensation.

- The criterion to be adopted for equivalent or higher properties will be based on the following factors: 

               - Location (County / Town)
               - Number of Rooms
               - Equipment (Pool, BBQ, Air Conditioning, Etc)

Arriving / Departure
- Unless otherwise stated, all clients are informed that the normal check-in and check-out times of the properties:

      > Check-in will be from 16.00h
      > Check-out until 10.00h

- Other schedules between the holder of the reservation and the owner / managing entity of the property may be combined in advance, depending on the previous and subsequent availability of the property. This prior agreement is not the responsibility of our site.

- Some of the owners stipulate 1 hour maximum check-in without monetary penalty. After this time, if there is a need to have a local representative at the entrance, surcharges are applied according to the time of entry. Any amount payable must be made locally and at the time of entry.

 - Admission on holidays or weekends which require the presence of the local owner/partner, may incur additional costs. Confirm these costs in the property description.

- Punctually and particularly in the months of June, July, August and September, delays of up to 120 minutes may occur in the preparation of the properties. The sporadic verification of such situation does not give the customer the right to any compensation or discount.

Breakage or damage Deposit / Security deposit / Caution

To all properties published on this website, we require a deposit, also called a breakage or damage Deposit / Security deposit / Caution.

Breakage or damage Deposit / Security deposit / Caution can be provided in money or guarantee by credit card, being returned at the end of the stay after verification of the accommodation. This service is intended to cover any damages caused by misuse or improper use of infrastructure, equipment and property, or resulting from vandalism.

If damages are reported, the security will be withheld in proportion to the quantification of the damages identified; If the damage is greater than the amount of the security, the owner/representative of the accommodation shall be entitled, directly or through CasasEferias.Com, to be solidarity responsable of the house responsible during the period in which the damages occur in an equivalent amount to the remainder.

The value of Breakage or damage Deposit / Security deposit / Caution may be withheld, in whole or in part, if the abandonment of the accommodation is not verified until the expected time of departure


Irrespective of whether or not the property description has restrictions on the presence of pets on the property, the presence of such animals must be communicated in advance, in writing. It will be at the discretion of the owner or the entity that manages the property to accept them.

- In the communication must be made the description of the animal (height, length, weight, race, etc.) and a photo of each specimen must be sent.

- Even if there is acceptance of animals, this acceptance may be subject to an extra payment for the presence of the animal or necessary cleaning.

- In certain properties, the value of deposit against breakages can be increased as a result of having pets.

 - If there is no prior written communication and no authorization is given, the owner or entity that manages the property has the right to request the immediate withdrawal of the animals and may, in the last circumstance, immediately terminate the lease, with no right to refund of value or right to any subsequent request for compensation.

- ALL group of guests are in solidarity with all damage caused by the animals and in case there is any damage to pay, it must be done immediately. If the value of the caution/damage deposit is not sufficient, the balance amount must be paid immediately.

In case of accepting pets, the permit is for 1 single animal, of no danger species.

During the stay the animal is not allowed to:

• Use any pool, private or shared

• Use any sofa

• Sleeping on top of any bed occupied or not by guests


Cancellation by customers

    Cancellation Policy and Terms

    > If you cancel up to 120 days before entry, a penalty of 30% over total cost will be applied.

    > If you cancel between 119 and 90 days before arrival, a penalty of 60% over total cost will be applied

    > If you cancel less than 90 days before entry, or no-show, a penalty of 100% will be applied.

- Any return in these terms, after confirmation of cancellation and after receipt of the destination NIB, will be made by bank transfer / paypal / credit card in a period of not less than 48 working hours and not more than 15 working days.

- exceptions are published / indicated on the respective pages

- Any cancellation situation less than 90 days in advance will be analysed and put to the consideration of the respective owner / local partner for competent decision

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Our newsletter is an important way to keep customers and visitors informed of last minute offers, promotions, discounts and other important benefits.

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Final remarks

► Any of the above conditions can be changed without notice, as long as there is prior agreement between guest, CasasEferias.Com and local owner/partner.

► Other conditions not express in this Term and Rental conditions are subject to prior agreement between guest, CasasEferias.Com and local owner / partner.



THE OWNER (or whom owner delegates the task of property’s preparation) OR Local partners who managed the property, are the solely responsible for TOTAL PREPARATION OF THE PROPERTY TO BE RENTED, AS WELL AS THE RECEPTION AND ACCOMPANYING OF THE GUESTS DURING THE STAY, AND NO LIABILITY MAY BE IMPUTED TO THE CasasEferias.Com RENTAL SERVICE.




CasasEferias.Com is solely responsible for promoting, through the Internet, for short term holiday rentals of properties displayed on the site.